I low-key stalked 50 rockstar women in business

so you could snag killer offer ideas

In 100+ pages of mind-blowing revelations, you’ll

Find out who...

offers coaching for $125,000 for 1 year

sells more than 10 online courses

speaks at events and what they speak about

offers physical products as well as online courses

has written a book (or a few books)

displays a powerful CTA to grow their list

Feel more confident when creating your offers

Creating your offers can be confusing!

Trying to figure out what you should include and what would be valuable to your audience…

Do they want all of you, some of you, just online courses…

What pricing works and how do you figure that out?

Do you need a massive social media following?

What kind of stuff should you focus on?

…it can all be completely overwhelming.

Instead, start feeling totally sure of what you're selling!

Hey, I'm Amanda Ross!

"I created BEHIND THE SPARKS because I'm crazy curious about what other women are offering and - WOW! - going through this taught me SO much that I immediately created a new product that is going to be freakin'


Behind The Sparks

A one-stop, 100+ page ebook where I pulled together some of the brightest and most interesting female entrepreneurs offers so you can get MAJOR inspiration for your own business.

What Women will you find inside?

Alex Beadon | Gabby Bernstein | Kris Carr | Melissa Cassera | Sara Dann | Denise Duffield-Thomas | Amanda Francis | Carrie Green | Jody Jelas | Jenna Kutcher | Vanessa Lau | Angie Lee | Danielle Leslie | Lisa Nichols | Victory Omotayo | Melissa Pharr | Sabrina Phillipp | Amy Porterfield | Adrienne Richardson | Mai-Kee Tsang 

…to name a few

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  • You’ll get all 100+ pages with 50 successful women immediately
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  • You’ll see a list of what they sell, what it includes (if I could find out) and what price(s) they sell it for