You didn’t join a nonprofit to NOT make an impact.

You’re part of a nonprofit because you want to make a change, you want to help others, you want to make the world a better place.

You are meant to do this!

You must help to move your organization forward in today’s digital world, including your nonprofit website.

0 %
of donors are turned off by out-of-date websites
0 %
of users think mobile should be as good or better than desktop
0 %
of users expect a maximum website load time of 2 seconds
0 %
of NPs lack a CTA on their homepage

Using this data changes things for your nonprofit website...

it moves the ball into your court.

More Control

You decide what initiatives you focus on

Connected Team

Get everyone on the same page

Vision for the future

Have a strategy for growth

Comfort with Technology

Use it to your advantage

Project Flexibility

Choose what matters most

Leaner organization

Be more efficient and modern

Use your Creativity

Fearlessly try new things

Greater impact

Reach a wider audience

It all starts with a plan

What if your nonprofit website drove funding 24-7?

How would that change the way you lead your organization?​

Hey, I'm Amanda

Amanda Ross Sparkologylab, pointing to the left. nonprofit website

“The more eyes on your website, the more funding you’ll generate.”

The best way to begin is with a plan, a strategy, a blueprint!

I’ve been working with small businesses and nonprofits on their digital brand since 2013 and I can’t wait to work with you!

There is nothing more comforting, like a glass of chamomile tea on a Winter’s night, then knowing you have a plan to to move forward to something great.

That’s where I come in. 

Since designing my first website in 2001, I’ve been in love with the digital space. In the last couple of years, I’ve found that I’m drawn to helping nonprofits more and more. 

You guys are doing such amazing things and I LOVE being able to help you move your cause forward.


Amanda Ross Sparkologylab, pointing to the left. nonprofit website

A few companies I’ve worked with:

Old world

Live Events

In person events (trainings, seminars, galas) used to be the best way to reach out to your audience, but today, people are attending events like this less and less.


Holding live, in-person meetings with your team were the only way to communicate, but more and more people want flexibility and to work from home.


Money used to be delivered by the post, people would happily send it to the organization they supported, but today, in the convenience world, they want to pay online - FAST!

New world

Online Courses

People love learning at their own pace in their own time. And, that's why online courses have become such a fabulous way for nonprofits to share 24-7. All nonprofits have something fabulous they could teach others. What could you teach/share?

Digital Donating

Donating needs to be upfront and center and SIMPLE. In fact, 47% of donors over 60 years old give online! Making it easy for them is a MUST.

Chat Bots

People have an expectation that their questions will be answered quickly. But that's hard to do when you're a nonprofit who's spread thin and is managing a million things. That's what chatbots are for! They can answer questions, setup appointments, guide people to the right place on your site, and more.

Online Ordering

Efficiency matters - both for the user and for you and your team! The more things happen online (seamlessly and without effort), the more your team can accomplish. Plus, people LOVE it!

Video Is King

Did you know that viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. WOW! Imagine how much better your nonprofit could do if you were using video...?

Social Media

People expect you to be everywhere! Which can be really tough, especially when you're a "spread too thin" nonprofit, but there are easy ways to maintain posting without having to be "on" every second. 😉

73% Increase
The Family Education Centre of Peel (FEC) served, on average, 1600 parents per year.

In 2018, the FEC dove into the digital space with new branding, messaging, nonprofit website, online courses, digital donations and more.

In the one year since launch, they have served 6,000 parents, with 4,000 being exclusively online.


What Lynn Hand (ED of FEC) said as we worked on everything:

Web design | Branding Update | interactive online courses | membership site | online donations | auto monthly donations | Auto Email newsletters | Facebook group | setup Office 365 | project management training | Reports for everything | and more

Welcome to the:

Digital Clarity Blueprint

Understand your current state to build growth

Knowing where you are right now will help us uncover the best solutions for your future.

You know what I love?
...helping nonprofits become efficient branding machines.

Learn what things you’re doing right, what you could improve and the best 3 things you could do today to start driving more attention to your cause. I want you to be the visionary leader you are instead of being stuck in the weeds.

Bringing in technology and calculated branding will change the way you run your nonprofit.

That’s a TON of stuff, right? I know!!

I offer this service to corporate clients for :


(scroll down to see nonprofit investment)

How does this work?

From the date we have our first Video call until delivery, this process takes 4 weeks.

Step 1
30-mins video call with Amanda (you can wear your PJs).
Step 2
If we both decide to move forward, complete your homework that will be sent to you after our first meeting.
Step 3
We start the research process to learn all about your nonprofit (see questions above) (week 2)
Step 4
Create your Digital Clarity Blueprint for a successful future (week 3-4)
Step 5
You will receive your Digital Clarity Blueprint from us (end of week 4)
Step 6
Final 60-minute call to review the Digital Clarity Blueprint (week 4)

Nonprofit price


And, then what?

You will receive your Digital Clarity Blueprint that will outline any issues we found, ideas for improvement, and the top 3 ways you can increase engagement, manage your resources better and generate funding.

You then choose any of the following options:


You can take the blueprint and implement everything yourself!

Done WITH You

We guide you and share our expertise while you do the actual creation.

Hire Us

Or, you can hire us to take the lead and make it all happen for you.

Are you ready to change the way you drive funds to your nonprofit?

Choose your date and time below!

Amanda Ross owner of SparkologyLab. nonprofit websiteI only accept those who are in it to win it and want to step out of the old-school drain that is strangling them.

I really want to work with nonprofit leaders who are completely open to new ideas and are excited to bring change to their organization while taking advantage of the opportunities available in the digital space.

Sound like you?

If “YAAAS!!!!”, then let’s do this!

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